Christmas Day service issues have already been reported for Play Station Network and Steam.

Now, Microsoft's Xbox Live service is also facing some problems.

Update Is FANTASTIC If you are effected there are 2 things that have effected people, if its slow or not letting you back on Live 1.

Servers were overloaded as to be expected, seems to have worked itself out.

Sucks, I just got Child of Eden tonight too same thing happened to me, i just got on LIVE though.

had to sign-in to with my credentials and then that worked and was able to send messages via the website so i turned on my xbox and it connected. It's a reasonable, understandable, truth that is based off common sense.

But sadly most of what the press produces are doom articles and sales predictions.

Xperia Ray Certainly not a fanboy, yet I had tons of problems yesterday. Then once I couldn't sign in at all after restarting my console.

True what I hate about gaming journalism is how bias the authors can be.

Many times I want to read articles that provide good information.

I waited about 45 minutes tried again and it worked. Do you really thing that people having issues haven't visited the Status page that their Xbox tells them too (when it can't connect).