I was constantly assuring them that I was, in fact, dating him – I wasn’t just a crazy stalker!

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By the age of 13 or 14, classmates with much bigger personalities than I have started to criticise me, but I had learnt by then that if the people you’ve surrounded yourself with don’t think what you’re doing is OK, then maybe you shouldn’t surround yourself with those people.’It’s quite heartbreaking to hear.

But then again, it was these difficult rites of passage that not only shaped Carrie’s childhood, but forged her identity as an online big sister to other girls negotiating their way through the choppy waters of adolescence.

‘It may look as though I’ve lived a charmed life, but I’ve worked really, really hard to get where I am now,’ says Carrie, straining forward for added emphasis.

‘That’s something I repeat to my audience – you have to make things happen and create opportunities, not just sit about waiting.

I’m just like them – that’s why there’s such a nice bond between us.

Yes, they might have posters of my husband Blu-Tacked on to their bedroom walls, but I usually have a poster or two of him up somewhere too, so we also have that in common.

quickly) people I don’t know have asked about Tom’s fidelity when I’m not glued to his side.

I couldn’t imagine asking anyone if they worried about their partners cheating – it would be rude – yet there seems to be no filter.

If you make an effort in life you will get out what you put in.’It’s hard to square this thoughtful, engaged young woman with the turmoil of her early years, when Carrie, despite having had no training, was fêted as a star-in-the-making by West End musical producers yet mercilessly bullied at primary school. She looked too different: ‘I was made to feel that brown eyes and blonde hair were somehow freakish.’ She sang too well: ‘I was banned from school talent shows without any of the teachers taking time to explain why.’ She was too talented: ‘Bullies accused me of showing off because I was appearing in West End shows, but I never said a word.