This is all managed through the simple streamlined interface that everyone from toddlers to grandads should be able to master.

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There should be support forums or something for the Beta, so I'd suggest you ask there.

:-) With all the questions I get here, I can't support Beta software.

I have tryed msn messenger and it says that the file c:\Program Files\Messenger\Install_MSN_wasn't found within my System 32 folder.

How can I make msn work on it or what version should i try?

Thank you for reading this and I hope you can do something with regards to our concern about this app.

Facebook est le réseau social le plus utilisé dans le monde.

Ce réseau social permet de partager des contenus avec ses amis, mais ne permet pas de discuter en temps réel comme dans un chat.

Ainsi, Facebook messenger était un outil proposé par Facebook pour envoyer des messages instantanés à tous ses contacts Facebook en temps réel.

By using Facebook’s products and services, you agree to our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ( and acknowledge that you have read and understand our Data Use Policy ( and information about how we use cookies and similar technologies (https:// Once it is open, it takes another forever to load the photos, update messages, and navigate thru the app.

Please refine the app more it crashes consistently and features standard on other platforms are nowhere to be found. The only reason I got this is because Facebook force me to do so.

View full description Facebook’s Messenger for Windows is the official instant messenger program of Facebook that allows you to chat with contacts from your desktop.