She said no one could hire her in the Hollywood world because she left WWE and there was no explanation.She said the fact that she wasn't allowed to use her name at the time was also an issue.She said she woke up the next morning after her attempt ran out in the street beforehand and assumed that the cops would come and shoot her. She said that was the reality check that turned everything around.

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-She addressed her claim that Triple H once struck her.

She spoke about how she loved Hunter and didn't know that he was having an affair with Stephanie for a year.

She said that when Sean Waltman went to China behind her back and made a deal to release one of their personal sex tapes.

Jim Norton brought up that you need to sign a release.

She said she had to leave the relationship "due to the incident that happened." She said she knew that something wasn't right, and checked the entire house for proof of the affair.

She said she could have dealt with Triple H and Stephanie being together because "you can't stop love" but didn't like being made to feel like she was crazy.

He said he thought they could get past everything by now. Waltman said he understands why she feels victimized.

He admitted he was on drugs and that they did fight a lot.

Waltman insisted that she cashed a 0,000 check for the sex tape and signed off on the tape going public.