If you are ready to take your love search to the World Wide Web, this video offers great dating tips that will prepare you for the cyber love hunt.TRANSCRIPT: Today’s question is: I really want to try online dating but I’m not really having much luck.

This month, we're talking about online dating tips and tools!

But online dating is a horse of a very different color.

Well, according to a study that online dating site conducted of 4,000 users, there are a few ways to make your profile stand out.

Turns out, it's all about full-body shots and proper punctuation.

On the other hand, women get 60 percent more attention when their photo is taken indoors.

Whether you're a man or a woman, taking a picture with a pet lowers your popularity by 53 percent, while posing with friends lowers it by 42 percent.

With all this discouraging news, maybe we can find another way to kill time this January 2.

If you're dating online, you're going to want to check out these 10 tips for finding love.

Full-body shots are good, and double standards still exist between genders.

Women who are forward and hide all that cumbersome baggage of failed relationships are most successful, while men should never risk seeming vain but can come across as more sensitive and transparent when they mention the dissolution of a marriage.

An interesting double standard: selfies get men 8 percent fewer messages and women 4 percent more.