The Nirvana Cover (Molly's Lips) performed by the Vaselines is good one as well as the one performed by Meat Puppets.In resume, it is a must :)This is a really great introduction to underground 1980s rock bands.

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UPDATED 9.23: Red Hot Chili Peppers are pleased to announce new tour dates in North America in 2017!

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Taking unnecessary swipes at 60's rock and using the old Rock-crit line that the 70's were "a musical black hole", Becker's notes are better when dealing with the 80's Indie Rock that he loves, not dissing acts (like Bob Seger) who were pretty great, even if he didn't like them. As with any compilation made by someone else, you could always find room for improvement: SST era Sonic Youth and Twin/Tone era Replacements would've been nice. This is one of of those CD's that I got out of the bargain bin - which I frequently do just to look for something new and caught the Jay Farrar/Kelly Willis duet on the back of the jacket. Anyway - wasn't expecting too much and have been pleasantly blown away by what I found. Some of the bands included are Spacemen 3/Galaxie 500/Husker Du/Giant Sand & Black Flag. All by itself, one track makes this comp a must-own: "Sensational Gravity Boy", recorded by Freedom Cruise, which was basically a Robert Pollard song recorded by an early-90s style Guided by Voices lineup (Pollard/Sprout/Greer) with guest vocals by Kim and Kelley Deal of The Breeders. Yeah, wisenheimer, the song is available elsewhere.

And does anyone remember the Go-Betweens (who were Indie until 1988)? Would highly encourage anyone who's even thinking of buying it to do so - you won't be disappointed. I found it in the discount section at Meijer's among copies of Quiet Riot's greatest hits and Skid Row. 25 more crash and burn bands (You know them) round out this set. Is this among the truly great GBV songs not included on Bee Thousand or Alien Lanes? But be "with it" and own it the way it first appeared and was lost to the scatter and flood of 90s independent rock.

That's the case with this "Red Hot" compilation, which doesn't mean much of it doesn't have it's own pitiable appeal.