" PHOTOS: Paula's wackiest outfits of all time Godley clearly failed to see the error of his ways."I was in key, everything was going well," he reasoned of the performance.

"My pants were down and I was jumping around and all of a sudden the audience turned against me.

"Thank you to the contestants, and to Fox, for actually put us on the air." WATCH: 'American Idol' Winners: Where Are They Now?

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‘The closest I got was having doggy style sex with her, and that was briefly because she was like, ‘okay, this is too much,'” he said. As fans of the former reality show juggernaut know, Corey was disqualified from the competition after making it to the top six finalists on season 2 after producers declared he had failed to disclose information about his criminal background.

Two years later, he alleged that he and Paula had an affair — claims that FOX took seriously. 2015, he was arrested for felony domestic violence in Yuma, Ariz., and immediately put behind bars.

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Hollywood Lifers, what do you think of Corey’s shocking confessions?

The singer has maintained for years that he and Paula had a relationship during his time on the show in 2003, something she has denied — and in the intimate details he provided under oath on Dec.

5, he said the two had ‘doggy style sex’ and that she groomed her private parts, according to documents obtained by the.

this show was so socially impactful on the entire country as well, as being the biggest show I think we’ve ever seen on television, each show at one point was producing 35 million viewers every single night, sometimes three nights a week…

it gave knockout blows, and like every prizefighter, you’ve got to know when to retire so no young kid comes up knocks you out and takes credit for it.” Nigel called the decision brave and is hoping they will bring him back for the final year.

However, after hiring an independent law firm to look into them, they found no evidence to support Corey’s story. He also faced charges for failure to comply and aggravated assault.