You can sign up and start browsing the profiles straight away, seeing what’s on offer and how other users have built up their profiles.Or you could just start building up your own profile straight away as – needless to say – it increases significantly your chances of actually finding a date and in sparking their interest in you.

And maybe it’s a good thing that you can get a little taste of things before you dig in and start putting together your profile.

Lovestruck profiles are both big and compact, there’s a lot of boxes to tick, a lot of stuff to write – not that it’s a complete must, but if you’re that type of a person who really likes to fill in every box, you’re going to need some time to get it all sorted.

There’s a large active membership, the quality of the profiles is high and the site is intuitive and has a lot of features to try and use.

It’s not the cheapest dating site around but it’s one of the best we’ve tested to date.

One more thing – there is an option to make your photos and “narrative” visible only to those members who you have “favourited”.

Like I said – Lovestruck profiles are really full of information, facts and figures – that is, if they’re filled in correctly, although from our own experience, very few members actually tick every box.

To be honest, we’re not crazy about the design of the site.

There’s a lot of stuff squeezed into that same page and it’s a little hard to grasp and find your way around the site immediately – what with all the “date ideas” and “events” and everything.

One thing that Lovestruck doesn’t do as opposed to a lot of other dating sites these days is telling you how compatible you’re likely to be with your match. There’s been a lot of research about the compatibility features on dating sites and the jury is still out.