I asked her out to go get some ice cream and she actually blew me off.Janie here, when he says I blew him off this is only partly true. When I went to Provo to hang out with a boy I had met on tinder I was then grounded because I had disobeyed them and their wishes of no tinder use.

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Like I mentioned earlier, Janie and I were both kind of dating other people when we went out so she let her boy know pretty quickly and it wasn’t too difficult, but for me it was a bit rougher.

I was actually talking almost everyday to a girl who lived in Texas who I had met about a month before that.

If you’re attracted to them, and they’re attracted to you, both parties are notified.

If one of you is attracted and the other isn’t, neither is notified.

Our Tinder photos: When I first saw Janie and found out we were a match, I noticed her caption said “We talkin bout practice”.

It’s a quote from Allen Iverson when he missed practice.

We were laughing, dancing and just having so much fun together.

I loved how easily I could talk with her and just feel like myself right off the bat.

I had a plane ticket to fly out and visit her and so I had the huge task of letting her know that I wouldn’t be flying out there any more.

I made that phone call not even one week after my first date with Janie.

Now the fun story is that Janie’s parents had actually told her to stop using Tinder.