And this conversation represents a rare occasion in which Frank Sinatra discussed Presley as even potentially an equal or kindred spirit. They both were only children who demanded the company of an entourage around them when they grew up; they both were extremely devoted to their mothers; they were among the relatively few singers who attained superstardom in Hollywood; and they both had a lot of comebacks.”It wasn’t as if Elvis didn’t care about how RCA mixed his recordings once he left the studio.

Joe Esposito has described how Elvis worked with the studio engineers to mix his recordings, and then had an acetate pressed so he could compare it to the version that RCA released.

“I admire the man,” Elvis said, choosing his words carefully. He is a great success and a fine actor, but I don’t think he should have said it.

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Afterwards they went their separate ways and only occasionally had personal contact with each other over the years.

Will Friedwald, the author of seven books on music and popular culture, discussed the Sinatra-Presley connection in an article published in the February/March 2005 issue of American Heritage magazine.

He was often upset when the company altered the sound he created, but he rarely did anything about it. Of Elvis, Friedwald noted, “Like Sinatra before him, he wanted to work only with the best actors and musicians and with superior songs.

The difference between him and Sinatra was one of temperament.

Friedwald contends that one difference in the careers of Sinatra and Presley is that Elvis’s catalog of recorded songs looks meager compared to Sinatra’s.

Of course, Frank’s longer lifespan meant he recorded more songs than Elvis, but Friedwald was referring more to the disparity in the quality of songs the two men recorded.

Her father was critical of Elvis because he felt he’d never taken the opportunity through the years to grow as an artist.

Nancy argued that the people around Elvis never allowed him to explore new creative avenues.“Sinatra rejected that excuse,” said Friedwald. The old man would never let anybody stand in his way in terms of choosing a song or finessing an arrangement or a recording mix to perfection.

I have to admit that I have never liked the sound of Frank Sinatra’s voice.