When they realize how bad it is, the producer comes in and Austin and Ally end up fighting in front of the producer.

Austin calls Ally "weak" and Ally calls him "childish." When Austin and Ally get back to the sonic boom and in the practice room, they both tell each other how it was much easier to hang out when they weren't dating.

They hug and they go back to the same cafe they went to for their first date, but just as friends.

They suddenly go out and become boyfriend and girlfriend (and I'm like OMG!!!!!

Austin and Ally are forced to hide their relationship on the red carpet, thanks to his music label’s demands, and that doesn’t make Ally too happy on the Nov. “She wants to be really open about the relationship, and so does Austin, but they’re forced to keep it under wraps so it’s pretty dramatic.” How does Austin feel about having to keep his girlfriend a secret? It kind of throws it all off so that kind of adds a little cliffhanger.” Don’t worry guys — was picked up for Season 4, in case you didn’t know! “I think fans just love the relationship that they have. They love the romantic relationship that developed,” Laura told Hollywood

I think that’s kind of the problem,” Laura tells Hollywood exclusively. There’s only one major thing that isn’t resolved, but it’s a pretty major thing.

While they try to come up with a song for the cartoon film "Butch & Bitey," Austin and Ally tell Trish and Dez how awkward they've been together since becoming a couple.

When Austin and Ally try to write the song, they're too scared of hurting each other's feelings now that they're dating, so they compromise with the song ideas, but it ends up turning into a horrible song.

I wouldn't want a sour relationship to ruin their music relationship. I think they bring the best out in eachother and maybe a change in their friendship could create better songs and possibly an Ally that could get over her fear and sing with Austin! Cause in almost ever show theres romance (And they would just make a perfect couple)!

:0) But guys don't worry i know all the next upcoming episodes and i know what they are all about ;).

Blondie (by Cassidy and Chuck)Little Prince (by Mike and Mimi)Awesomous (by himself) Tiger Pancake (by Dez)Tiger, Cute Nickname, Handsome Singer, Hubby To Be (by Ally)Lil' Golden Toes (by Dez and Trish)Blond-haired Little He-devil (by Dez)Flermy Mc Gergin (alias in Karaoke & Kalamity)Buddy (by Dez, in Duets & Destiny) Mimi Moon (mother)Mike Moon (father)Grandfather (briefly mentioned in Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction)Great-grandfather (seen in Mattress Stores & Music Factories)Great-great-grandfather (seen in Mattress Stores & Music Factories) Ally Moon (Wife) Lester Dawson (father-in-law) Penny Dawson (mother-in-law) Ava Moon (daughter) Alex Moon (son) Austin Monica Moon is one of the two protagonists of Austin & Ally.

He is a singer and dancer who became an overnight internet sensation after he uploaded a video singing a song that he unintentionally stole from Ally Dawson.

They’re in a different place now even though she took much longer so it’s going to be a pretty dramatic finale.” As if A&A don’t pack enough drama already, Dez may be leaving!