Through them, Tieria learned his own human aspects and gained his new purpose for fighting.

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As an Innovade, Tieria was created to adapt to the conditions of space and use of quantum brainwaves (QBWs).

With his quantum brainwaves, Tieria is able to fully connect to the entire network of Veda, allowing him access to all information Veda has, up to Level 7.

If a comrade ever threatened Celestial Being's objectives, he had no qualms about reprimanding them and/or killing them to preserve CB's integrity.

It is because of this narrow-minded focus and lack of care for others that he became the least popular among the crew members.

At the end of the second season, Tieria is killed by Ribbons Almark while trying to stop him from taking control of Veda.

in the end of the first season, Tieria continued to work for Celestial Being during the 4 year time-skip.

He also has remote access to manufacturing MS facilities to create mobile suits at his discretion and facilities to clone himself a new body.

Tieria was created by Celestial Being inside a controlled incubation chamber.

is a Gundam Meister and one of the protagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Tieria is also an Innovade, acting as Veda's overseer to the Ptolemy Crew of Celestial Being, especially in Season 1.

His ability to care and trust his fellow comrades made him more likeable with the Ptolemy Crew.