This can be achieved by presenting him/her with some information prior to the interview, such as your website.Then, during the interview learn what the interviewee did with that information.Adopting these procedures will aid in your ability to find the right fit for your organization. Has someone left your office and you are replacing an existing position? In addition, a job description gives the employee an understanding of their role in the office.

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This will quickly lead to frustration, loss of resources and negative office morale. If more than one interview is needed to determine the best fit for the position, bring the candidate back again for another interview.

If you find yourself in a pinch, hire a temporary employee (very cost effective).

Take the time to create or revise a job description prior to a new hire.

This will ensure the responsibilities of the employee are clear and concise.

Take heed of yearly job changes on a resume and be prepared to question this if necessary. As an employer, taking the time to be educated for an interview shows the employee your interest in your practice and your employees.

Of course, you want to give the interviewee an opportunity to be prepared as well.

You can accomplish this through word of mouth (from respected professionals) or by utilizing a full service recruitment firm, like Spine Search. A job description is a map for the employer as well as the employee and is crucial in the hiring process.

A temporary employee will help maintain balance in the practice while you take careful time and consideration in searching for a permanent employee to join your team. Without a job description the employer cannot appropriately represent the job he/she needs filled.

Employers make many mistakes, for a multitude of reasons, when hiring employees.