There’s no logic to it like there is in programming.Therefore, by studying manuals on these complex processes is going to have the opposite of its intended effect. This is a subcategory of a larger concept that I discuss (see the illusion of choice).Since I have a guy’s perspective, I can only speak from my angle.

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The following form the foundation of being a better you and attract the best girl for you. Forget about all the books and get out there and speak to women, because there is no close second.

I could tell you until tomorrow to not get overexcited about a girl, but until you get overexcited and burned, it will be irrelevant. Human relations and life are more of an art, not a science. We think life and dating are like software that needs debugging or some technical problem that we need to use more of our brains to solve. Girls are way ahead of the curve here and are much more intuitive.

My goal is to be happier, live a better life and be the most of that I can be.

If I am like this, then I have a certain kind of faith that I will meet someone right for me.

Everyone who I know that was seriously engaged in this Game pursuit became depressed.

This is because it’s not natural and the goal is getting the girl in bed instead of actually trying to become happy. Actually, that’s probably the only thing that matters.

Game did help some people that I know for short periods of time, but you’re better off without it.

Any important information that it offers is spoken about here.

I’m vehemently against the hacking approach with both life and dating, even though I’ve historically gotten sucked into it. Game mentions it, but you don’t need to read Game to realize this.