– Pretty much the same as the X-Pro1 but has a better EVF but it loses the optical viewfinder. I’d love to see Fuji finalize button layout on the X cameras and make them the same. In the corner we have Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony.

If I had any requests it would be to add an intervalometer for time lapse stuff.

Maybe I’d request to be able to change the color of the peaking. Maybe red / green / pink would be good options to have in the menu.

There’s a pretty young girl on his arm listening to his stories of being a globe trotting documentary photographer.

They’re in a heated debate about Dungeons & Dragons or something.

I buy third party ones on Amazon now for $12 or something.

Including the lens hood in the box would be a nice touch.

Olympus is more fashionable than his friends Sony and Panasonic but you can tell he’s just trying too hard. He just released the GF5 and has realized it’s a total pain in the ass of a camera and wishes he could go back to the good ol’ days of the GF1. You can’t tell if they’re the best of friends, brothers, or sworn enemies. There’s a sound of an old shovelhead rolling up in the parking lot. Back before he opened his stupid boutique stores and started a line of t-shirts and baseball caps. Along side the x100s I had my Fuji X-Pro1 with the new Fuji 14mm 2.8 bolted on to it. The original x100 was my entrance into street photography. Now you simply push the AF button on the top end of the dial and move the AF area to wherever you want it… I can’t tell you how much this one improvement has made in day to day shooting. Otherwise it is the same body as the x100 with a few tweaks here and there. I’ve put that flash through workshops and shoots in the last month and it’s… As I talked about in a previous post leading up to this review it was this night in Istanbul where it clicked for me.

“Hey, at least we aren’t those two assholes over there.” as they point to Canon and Nikon. They’re the two old men at the bar who are always arguing. Please don’t get either one started about i Phone and her friend Leica sees himself as a younger man in this Fuji kid. ————————————————————– I’ve just finished three weeks of travel with the new Fuji x100s. I’ll share some photos, share some measurebating 100% crops, and share a link to an image you can pixel peep to your heart’s desire. The autofocus is leaps and bounds beyond what it was. You’d push the AF button on the left of the camera and adjust the area on the right side of the camera. Yeah, that’s the name I’m going to run with from now on. Check out his review of the camera and how he’s pushing sync speed further and combining that with the built in three stop ND filter.

” Sony and Olympus share glances and mumble something about the wizard losing his potion. You get a feeling that if they just melded into one the world would be better for it. Fuji, knowing he’s in good company at the bar, fires a grin and a wink at the old man. Polaroid goes out the back door and stops to share a smoke with Kodak. Fuji sips his beer and quietly tucks it deeper into his pocket so he doesn’t lose it. is why I say Fuji is the new Leica and the x100s is the greatest camera I’ve owned. Everything I have seen people request in the update is there. Previously you’d have to use both hands to change the AF point in the viewfinder. David Hobby (AKA Strobist) is also a huge fan of the x100s and echoes my opinion on it being the new Leica. That’s my workhorse camera for editorial and commercial work.

One says he got laid at the ’84 Olympics far more than the other. The only thing they ever agree on is they are both sick and tired of all the young kids in the bar these days taking their space. Leica turns on his bar stool and gracefully nods his head to Fuji. Not today.” The young girl that was sitting with Leica heads out the door but not before slipping her number into Fuji’s back pocket. After my frist day of shooting with the new S I realized something. Every single complaint that many had about the original x100 has been addressed. The greatest update on the backside is the new placement of the AF point selection button.

Walking the streets of Istanbul with the x100s, an X-Pro1, and the Fuji 14mm and 60mm made me realize that so much work could be done with a tiny little kit like that.