If you’ve got nice body and arms you can show them off casually. Monitor your own body language and movements and make adjustments as needed. Keep your email open if you need to figure out glitches or get cut off. Clearly I’m a fan of using technology to find and seduce girls.

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In daytime, crack your shades for some natural light. Maybe you need a boost to get you energized and pumped up pre-call, instead? If she’s not up to your standards, cut the call short and next her. You may need to speak slightly louder than normal so the microphone picks up your voice. And introduce her to your household pets, if you’ve got any. 40-60 minutes is best for establishing real comfort. Don’t take notes, but try to remember any important stuff. Yes Skype is slightly more challenging than traditional phone game.

Consciously slow it down if you’ve got the tendency to talk fast. If you’ve got a laptop, walk around and give her a virtual “tour” of your living space. Especially very young women who are sensitive to meeting older guys online.

Once you’ve exchanged Skype handles, you’ll need to add her to contacts. If she hasn’t, send her a request and wait for her to confirm it.

If you don’t have real date scheduled yet, you’ll set up that up at the end of your Skype call.

Case in point – I found a cute 19-year-old girl on OKCupid last week.

Skype is like a traditional phone call, but better. Video calls can induce anxiety if you’re inexperienced.

You can do this either before or after setting up the first IRL date.

Consider the contrast between your shirt and your background – be sure they don’t blend together. You already know to get her number or email address fast, within 2-3 emails. Once you’re communicating via text or email, suggest a Skype conversation.

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Phone sex has evolved over the last several decades.