Our client was able to organize their cups and some previously wasted back bar space.Their source of cups changed frequently, but their cup dispensers work with cups from any manufacturer.Buildit developed and produced an SAN acrylic sundae glass which is top shelf dishwasher safe and can also hold up to many trips through the cleaning sink.

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Buildit developed a Pan Filler which took approximately 75% of the air space in a standard plastic container.

Foods could be fully displayed but the stores only presented 25% of what they had used previously saving them a huge amount in wasted food costs.

Below is a small portion of the variety of items that we have designed and produced for our clients (images used with their permission).

A large Chain couldn't find a cup dispenser that could handle the many different size cups used in their operation. To make this project even more challenging, their sources for cups changed over time and each cup varied based on which manufacter they were using.

Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers ยป What Have We Done We design and manufacture custom small wares and food service equipment that can dramatically improve the efficiency and bottom line of your stores.

Build It Engineering is one of US's leading kitchen equipment manufacturers.

When your stores use a huge amount of beans, you need the most efficient method possible to mix them to the proper consistentency for your signature burritos and other Mexican food.