The second CSR I chatted with I gave her a 1/19 cancellation date just to see if I could catch them in a lie. I asked for a refund and was told this was not possible because the system wouldn't allow it. I asked for the complaint department and was told again, there was none.I again explained situation only to be told I couldn't get a refund for any reason oh and that the reason I didn't get an cancellation via my yahoo acct is because my 1/17 cancellation was not imprinted in their system. During my conversation with the rep, I could hear other employees in the background mocking what I was saying.I contacted them again and was told (through the script) that they were doing all they can to keep me safe. Do NOT waste your hard earned money and time on this site. I have been online dating for about 3 years now after my divorce. My account has been compromised three times and it has been a nightmare.

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Truly not 50 plus people wanted to talk to me the min my paid trial ran up.

When I paid I didn't even have 10 reply in 6 month so be aware. It not so good either but at least you don't pay to get nothing. I joined and another national online dating website on the same day. I initially used the free version of both sites but had to upgrade on to see emails (which were free on the other website.

They auto renewed me and when I called regarding this charge the next business day, they refused to refund me my full amount.

Instead they said they would give me a "one time courtesy" refund of 30%.

I immediately called in only to have a offshore rep tell me she couldn't assist me because they were having technical issue. They ended up charging me for 6 months and would not refund money. Horrible website, even when I was using (what I thought) was seven day trial, I blocked a very persistent person and they were still able to send a "chat message." I really didn't like that, felt uneasy that I was unable to block someone.

I was advised to go online to use the customer service chat to get assist. I asked to be released out of my membership after 2 weeks. We have the money and none of it will be refunded." POF provides more choices, options and members with pics and profiles for NO CHARGE. I had allowed my subscription to lapse and I know I went through a process of cancelling my subscription, knowing the auto-renewal issue.

Since you have to do it on their site, they will continue to charge you until they are threatened with action. I also received responses from people I did not contact. I told the customer service guy to remove my credit card. I contacted them the first time and they were somewhat helpful.

They charged my card two months past when I cancelled my account. I recently contacted them again and their response took over a week.

The first CSR stated it was more than likely a tech issue and it didn't go through but policy states they can't provide refunds for any reason lol. You get 12 "matches" a day and each day the number of selected matches that do not have a profile set up or any pics is at least 1/4 of the "perfect matches". After two weeks I could see that this was a horrible waste of money. Please don't get involved with, they're just another bullying big company preying on the likes of you and me. I tried both within the app and by visiting the website. I informed I didn't want my account to be renewed and wished to cancel.

So it's their fault but they will not take responsibility for it. And they were ineffectual in what they purport to do. The representative informed it was too late to do so. I asked to speak to a supervisor or management and was told this was not possible.

I also got a lot of messages like over 50 at the last min of my trial.