Alternatively, throughout our lives, our bodies also experience physical pain and emotional trauma (often overlooked as a contributing factor to physical restrictions).

Have you ever noticed that every time you think about speaking in public (for example) your knee starts to hurt, or when you think of the stress that comes with the holidays, your lower back starts to ache? Healing emotional trauma in our bodies can happen through FST as it works to re-wire the brain and create safety in the movements that we tend to forget our bodies are holding onto. Increases blood flow Why is blood flow important for great sex?

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FST helps deliver expansion to your sacrum, () which is connected to everything from your lower back, hips, pelvis -- specifically the uterus, femoral head and its ligaments.

FST, as explained by Colin Jackson, can help with full hip and pelvic release which, as supported by Dr.

The differentiating factor with FST that separates it from traditional stretching is the use of traction, which is essentially creating space in a joint capsule (i.e.

your hip joint), which allows synovial fluid to flow and help with the way the joint moves.

Carlen, can over time reset your ability to experience deeper pleasure.

So, according to us, here are the why you should consider introducing Fascia Stretch Therapy into your holistically healthy and intimate lifestyle. Mobility and Flexibility Stretching in general benefits an improvement in posture, improved strength, decreased stress and an increase in blood flow, which, coincidentally are all contributors to having an improved sexual lifestyle!

In the case of penises, well, we all know that good blood flow leads to boners. Therefore, if you have many adhesions, you could be impacted and not even know it!

Back pain, misdiagnosed Fibromyalgia and even arthritis can sometimes be actually the effect of fascial adhesions.

Our joints become compressed over time, which unfortunately impedes by forcing the muscle to overcompensate, thus creating strain. If your joints are toast and you want to apply butter, you would rather have room temperature butter than cold, refrigerated butter to spread on your bread, right?