It was a 47-second film loop, with a close-up of a nuzzling couple followed by a short peck on the lips ("the mysteries of the kiss revealed").

The kissing scene was denounced as shocking and obscene to early moviegoers and caused the Roman Catholic Church to call for censorship and moral reform - because kissing in public at the time could lead to prosecution.

The plot depicts a weary soldier who has a tryst with a servant girl at an inn.

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Pet SOS Foundation es una organización sin fines de lucro dedicada a ayudar a los santuarios, albergues y rescatistas de animales a controlar la sobrepoblacion de animales mediante esterilización y concientizar sobre la el buen trato a los animales en PR.

Existen alrededor de 300 mil perros y gatos realengos por toda la Isla y poco se está haciendo a nivel gubernamental para erradicar este problema, lo que lo convierte en uno de los principales problemas que afectan no solo nuestra calidad de vida, sino nuestra imagen ante el mundo. Agradecemos cada dolar que nos da, ya que éste es juiciosamente utilizado para alimentar y castrar perros y gatos realengos de Puerto Rico.

Before Schwarzer's productions, erotic films were provided by the Pathé brothers from French produced sources.

In 1911, Saturn was dissolved by the censorship authorities which destroyed all the films they could find, though some have since resurfaced from private collections.

It generally contains nudity or partial nudity in sexually suggestive situations.

It contains graphic sexual activity and visible penetration.

There were a number of American films in the 1910s which contained female nudity in film.

In Black and White and Blue (2008), one of the most scholarly attempts to document the origins of the clandestine 'stag film' trade, Dave Thompson recounts ample evidence that such an industry first had sprung up in the brothels of Buenos Aires and other South American cities by the turn of 20th century, and then quickly spread through Central Europe over the following few years.

Production of erotic films commenced almost immediately after the invention of the motion picture.

Two of the earliest pioneers were Frenchmen Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner.

Perhaps in defiance and "to spice up a film", this was followed by many kiss imitators, including The Kiss in the Tunnel (1899) and The Kiss (1900).