Another clue of cheaters is disappearing online without warning and doing it frequently. They bail so that the wifey doesn’t see what they are doing.The last one I’m going to cover today is a Dominant requesting or forcing you to change something before you’ve agreed to a relationship.

This could be along the lines of changing your hair because they don’t like it, losing weight, or breaking up with friends because they are ‘bad influences’. A good Dominant will like you for who you are when getting to know you.

There is no reason you should try to fit someone’s mold.

This week’s video tip is on Red Flags of Fake Dominants.

The question I was asked today is, “How do you identify fake Dominants and what are some red flags to be watchful of? A fake Dominant is someone who is just out for sex, fantasy and an easy lay. Most of the time you will be dealing with the fakers, so that’s what this video is all about.

The most obvious fake Dominant will only want to skip to the sex.

They may start their conversation out sweetly enough, but it will soon become sexual oriented. There are the Dominants that exaggerate their experience level.

Set up your safe call, if the Dominant refuses to let you check in, leave immediately!

Another red flag to be cautious of is if they want to get to know you, you are on good terms and they won’t share their phone number, where they live, etc but they expect you to.

DD/lg stands for Daddy Dom and little girl, but it also known as Daddy Dom and babygirl.

Do not be fooled by the name though, it is not gender specific, there are Mommies and little boys as well.

Fake Dominants may also try to get you to not meet them in public.