The benefits of meditation that the yogi’s have been aware of for thousands of years are now just beginning to be validated in Western medicine.

She takes meditation from the cushion into your daily life through mindfulness practice.

By that time, however, his credibility, skill, and reputation as a rapper and musician had already been solidified.

Unconsciously or consciously, Kang Gary was also able to differentiate his career as a musician from his persona as a variety star.

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It was only recently that he accommodated Song Ji Hyo-related questions in his Lee Ssang interviews and even then it was quite brief.

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Double blind scientific studies are just beginning to touch the surface of these benefits.

Some of these techniques include using a mantra and focusing on the breath as well as walking meditation.

Her primary selling point is her partnership with Kang Gary, a rapper and half of the extremely successful duo, Lee Ssang.